Power Assist Vehicles

With the MHS Power Assist Vehicles, you can ergonomically move your product in your facility safely and with little or no effort. If you have space constraints where an electric vehicle or tugger cannot go, our PAV can help maneuver your carts/trailers without taking up a lot of space.


  • 36 Volt System.
  • 4 Pole drive motor with burst mode & programmable controls.
  • On Board 15 Amp series-balanced Smart Charger.
  • Ergonomic thumbwheel control.
  • Maneuverable Forward & Reverse Operation.
  • Programmable Speeds (0 to 3.3 MPH)
  • Multiple Hitch Attachments.
  • Automatic Braking System which insures safe operation.
  • Parking Brake.
  • Battery Level Indicator

Please contact us to discuss your application and get the right equipment for your needs.

  • Power Assist Vehicle #1
  • Power Assist Vehicle #2
  • Power Assist Vehicle #3
  • Power Assist Vehicle #4
  • Power Assist Vehicle #5
  • Power Assist Vehicle #6
  • Power Assist Vehicle #7
  • Power Assist Vehicle #8
  • Power Assist Vehicle #9


National Maintenance Lean Solution

A manufacturer of custom mobile homes approached us to see if we could improve their assembly line flow. The homes were moved from work cell to work cell through out the plant. The homes had to be moved by forklift, which was impeding efficiency and the number of homes they produced. Also, the way they moved the homes, it was a safety issue. MHS suggested they use a customized PAV units to attached to the home and walk with the homes from cell to cell. By doing this they increased assembly efficiency by 49% and significantly improved the safety of how they maneuvered the homes.

National Maintenance Lean Solution

We worked with a very well know Iron Foundry in Canada that specializes in cast iron molds, dies, machining etc…. They needed to find a better way to move the trailer through tight areas without taking up a lot of room. The hurdle was that they needed to move up to 50,000 lbs at a time. They were moving the trailer manually with the help of 6 employees at once. They wanted to create a safer work environment, reduce the chance of injury to the workers, and create a more efficient way of moving the cast iron, we recommended our heavy duty PAV unit. By mounting the hitch receptacle on the trailer, the weight of the trailer was applied to the heavy duty PAV which gave the unit the traction it needed to move the trailer throughout the plant.