Lean Solutions

Material Handling Specialists Inc. (MHS) is a different kind of material handling company. We offer "One Stop Shop" solutions to help companies achieve their Lean Transformation. Our complete solution includes detailed Equipment Design and Production as well as a full line of Lean Consultative services. MHS is distinct in the way we focus on the customer's specific needs and developing the best product solutions.

We are a Lean Manufacturer proponent; we tailor our products to fit into a lean environment. Some examples of our Lean products are Industrial Trailers, Electric Tow Vehicles, Tuggers, Ergonomic Carts, Cranes, Hoists and Mobile Work Stations. All of which can be modified to accommodate specific needs.


Complimenting our custom Lean products, we also offer a wide array of Lean consultative services to help you achieve a more stream line facility or plant. MHS does this by focusing on 4 aspects of Lean; 1) Flow, 2) Removing Waste, 3) Respect for People, & 4) Continuous Improvement. These 4 aspects, when applied, have seen a 30% or better improvement to their bottom line.

Lean Consultative Services Offered:

  • Product Flow Analysis
  • Value Stream Analysis & Mapping
  • 5 S Programs
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Kaizen Events
  • Kanban
  • Total Process Management (TPM)
  • SMED
  • Onsite Consulting
  • Training

Material Handling Specialists Inc. sets ourselves apart from our competitors in two ways: First, we are able to customize virtually any product to fit a company's needs. Second, all of our products are compatible with the Lean Evolution concept. This enables a company to achieve a leaner facility in a shorter amount of time.